South Africa: Assets of ‘Groenewald Gang’ Rhino Horn Syndicate Suspects Seized in Raid


Assets totaling approximately R55 million (US $6.8 million) belonging to rhino horn syndicate suspects Dawie Groenewald, Karel Toet and Manie du Plessis have been seized in a raid conducted by a joint team of the Hawks, SAPS, SANDF, the NPA, the Asset Forfieture Unit, and Department of Environmental affairs.

According to a statement issued by the South African Police Service (SAPS), it is believed that the assets were acquired via criminal activities.

The “Groenewald gang” is expected make another court appearance on October 19th of this year to face 1,872 charges ranging from illegal rhino hunting to racketeering, permit violations, illegal trade in rhino horn, money laundering, and violating the Biodiversity Act and the Act on the Prevention of Organised Crime.

Check out the short video from the raid on Groenewald’s property, posted by Jacaranda 94.2:

Read more about the “Groenewald gang” at South Africa: ‘Groenewald Gang’ Case Postponed for Fourth Time.

Additional updates to follow.

Rhishja Cota-Larson

I am the founder of Annamiticus, an educational nonprofit organization which provides news and information about wildlife crime and endangered species. I am the Editor of Rhino Horn is Not Medicine and Project Pangolin, author of the book Murder, Myths & Medicine, a writer for the environmental news blog Planetsave, the host of Behind the Schemes, and Producer for the upcoming documentary The Price. When I'm not blogging about the illegal wildlife trade, I enjoy gardening, reading, designing, and rocking out to live music.

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  1. I will be happy to write to congress or the president because this situation has got to stop .
    Why cant we find a safe haven for them with an American amnesty group here in the states ?
    What can I do here in us ?
    this seems this situation is just cruel and pointless.

    I keep reading about how China still slaughters dogs ,cats and bunnies for fur .
    This seems so uneducated and just greedy.
    I feel so helpless.

  2. Melanie Cameron

    About Bloody Time his assets were seized – hope the R55 Million goes towards protecting South Africa’s wildlife against Monsters like him and not into the Government’s coffers for their luxurious lifestyle! As regards the video of his house what kind of person likes to be surrounded by so much death! What a vile hideous man as are all his gang especially the Vets.

  3. We are all deeply hoping for a guilty verdict and a maximum sentence for everyone involved in the gang. That it will send a clear message is true – whether it will be a deterrent remains to be seen. Judith – pls contact me on johan@amukalodgeuganda – I have a few things to share. Rhishja – keep up the good work!