At Least Five Rhinos Killed in India Since Start of 2012


Greater-one horned rhinos at risk.

A greater one-horned rhino was killed last week in the Bagori forest range of Kaziranga National Park, bringing India’s rhino death toll to at least five.

The Times of India reported that the rhino’s horn had been chopped off and twelve suspects were arrested.

This tragic death brings this year’s death total to at least five greater one-horned rhinos in India.

Despite the recent deaths, Assam’s rhino population is on the rise.

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  1. I just posted a photo of two rhinoceros horns being sold on the streets of Saigon, Vietnam. I tagged every conceivable rhino conservation body that I could find, as well as any concerned body I could think of. Not one of these organizations allows photos to be tagged nor have any of them responded to this blatant and egregious breach of international treaty. I am now under the impression that every one of these organizations are just money making schemes that do not even allow any input by the general public.

  2. Thank you. We’ll check into this.