Watch the Preview! NBC ‘Rock Center’ Tackles S Africa Rhino Crisis #rockcenterrhinos


Tune in to tomorrow’s ‘Rock Center with Brian Williams’ for US coverage of the rhino crisis.

Be sure to catch “Rock Center with Brian Williams” on NBC this Wednesday, February 22nd, as the episode will feature South Africa’s rhino crisis.

We will be tweeting along while we watch the episode using the hashtag #rockcenterrhinos — please join us.

Watch the preview below:

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For those outside the US: The full episode will be available online after it airs.

Learn more at Rock Center with Brian Williams.

(Just a quick note to say I was thrilled to have the opportunity to assist the producers with research for this important episode!)

Rhishja Cota-Larson

I am the founder of Annamiticus, an educational nonprofit organization which provides news and information about wildlife crime and endangered species. I am the Editor of Rhino Horn is Not Medicine and Project Pangolin, author of the book Murder, Myths & Medicine, a writer for the environmental news blog Planetsave, the host of Behind the Schemes, and Producer for the upcoming documentary The Price. When I'm not blogging about the illegal wildlife trade, I enjoy gardening, reading, designing, and rocking out to live music.

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  1. We all know what the problems are out there yet most people sit back and expect someone else to take care of it all.
    We all need to stand up and make a difference,

  2. You need to check in with Lewa in Africa. Their work is all directed to helping the Rhinos.

  3. Just watched this, really touched my heart to see how dedicated these people are and passionate. Very touching. Save the rhinos:)

  4. I would like to donate a little money to the Rhino preservation group but I need an address to send a check. I do not like sending money via the internet. I wish I were younger to help in the physical part of preservation of these Rhinos (at 82 I’ve slowed down a wee bit). Can’t send a lot but a little now and then. Thank you for all the fine work you are doing. Pat

  5. Hi Patricia,

    You can donate money to our friends at International Rhino Foundation (

    Mail a check made payable to “International Rhino Foundation” and mail to:

    International Rhino Foundation
    581705 White Oak Road
    Yulee, Florida 32097-2145